Clear body construction provides instant visual inspection; cap unscrews for convenient cleaning.  No wetted metals. Strainer must be installed as flow arrows indicate; as long as flow direction is correct the unit will effectively trap particulate in any orientation. The strainer element is accessed by unthreading the y-cap, and can be cleaned and re-installed. With proper cleaning and maintenance the strainer element can last indefinitely.

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Current size availability is 1/2″ through 2″. Standard connections are NPT threaded or socket. Standard 20 mesh.  Other connections/mesh sizes available; please consult factory.

Standard body materials are PVC; max line pressure 150 PSI.

For other sizes, connection types, and materials, please contact your Basiks representative.


Basiks Series YS-53 Inline Strainers:  Application Advantages

  • Clear body construction provides convenient visual inspection.
  • Strainer enclosure unscrews for easy cleaning.
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally; flow direction is clearly indicated.
  • All-plastic construction – no wetted metals.
  • Smooth inner flow path provides maximum Cv with minimal pressure drop.
  • Inverted Trapezoid Mesh Design effectively traps particulate to enhance system performance
  • Threaded or socket connections
  • Most models ship from stock

Y-Strainer vs. “Wye” Strainer — Know the difference

Generally speaking, the difference between a “Y” strainer and a “wye” strainer is a matter of semantics.  Many system designers refer to compact, inline particle strainers such as the Basiks YS-53 as a “Y” strainer, and reserve the term “wye” strainer for larger units that will remove objects that would singularly damage a pump or other parts of a system.   While this is mostly a matter of preference, be advised that some engineering firms and large end users may be quite particular about these terms.

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