Relief/Backpressure Valves

Series S-RV Relief/Backpressure Valve

Made in USA, these compact and economical PTFE diaphragm valves function as relief valve, pump backpressure valve, backpressure regulator, bypass valve, or anti-siphon valve. Excellent corrosion resistance and well suited to ultrapure processes. Regulates backpressure from 5 to 150 PSI set.  Commonly referred to as RV or BPV;  also known as loading valves.

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Current size availability is 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″.  Standard connections are NPT threaded; socket, metric socket, flange, flare, spigot, sanitary, BSP, JIS and other connections available.

Standard body materials are PVC, CPVC, GPP, PVDF.

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Basiks Series S-RV: Application Advantages

  • Compact, all-plastic construction has no wetted metals or elastomers
  • Available in 2-way and 3-way designs
  • 2-way designs offer functional versatility; 3-way designs may simplify piping
  • Pump performance and longevity are significantly enhanced
  • Safeguard against unwanted chemical siphon
  • Useful for pressure relief on storage tanks
  • Backpressure valve function helps stabilize liquid pressure and flow
  • Pump bypass function prevents pump “dead head”
  • Use as a backpressure regulator, with a pressure regulator, to balance pressure in a system
  • Made in USA; PVC threaded models ship from stock

2-Port vs. 3-Port Explained

2-Port relief valves require a piping tee for by-pass and relief applications, but not for backpressure or anti-siphon applications.  In applications where a tee is required, it usually provides the best practice in design, as well as easier maintenance.

3-Port valves are installed directly in-line for by-pass and relief applications, providing convenience during initial installation.  This type of installation does cause a drop in both pressure and flow.

In most relief and by-pass applications, 3-port valves do not perform as well as 2-port valves installed on a tee.  No 3-port relief valve is suitable for use as a backpressure regulator or anti-siphon valve.  Although “plugging” a third port may make the 3-port design functional in some of these applications, system performance and safety may suffer as a result.


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