Gauge Guards


Series GGME Gauge Guards

Compact, low-cost diaphragm seal in polypropylene. Buna-N or Viton seals.

Available with or without pressure gauges; GGME is suitable for use with virtually any pressure instrument that requires protection from ultrapure or corrosive liquid.  Accuracy to within 4%.  Suitable for positive pressure applications only.

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Application Advantages:  Series GGME Gauge Guards

  • Protects instruments from liquid chemical attack 
  • Protects sensitive liquids from instruments and metal particle shedding
  • Super compact & economical yet accurate to ± 4% throughout the pressure range
  • Functions as gauge guard, instrument isolator, diaphragm seal that may be used with virtually any pressure instrument 
  • Available with or without gauge
  • Polypropylene construction and threaded connection compatible with most plastic and metal piping
  • Made in USA and ship from stock

Each GGME Gauge Guard features a durable and flexible diaphragm which serves as a protective barrier between the process fluid and instrument. The internal space on the instrument side of the diaphragm must be solidly filled with a suitable liquid in order to accurately transmit the process pressure to the instrument. Diaphragm Seals are designed for a maximum working pressure of
200 PSI (13.8 bars). Compact size and competitive pricing make the GGME ideal for systems requiring large quantities of pressure gauges, transducers and other small instruments such as pressure switches.

If the instrument or gauge is damaged or is removed while the system is pressurized, the diaphragm will automatically seal against leakage to the atmosphere.  

Polypropylene/glass-filled polypropylene bodies provide excellent chemical compatibility and temperatures in liquid processes up to 185°F (85°C).




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